You’re sitting in traffic, already late for work to a job you hate.

You’re sitting in traffic, already late for work to a job you hate.

You’re sitting in traffic, already late for work to a job you hate. The dang a/c isn’t working in the car. Why? Who can afford the kind of money they want to fix the stupid thing. Humidity must be 99%. You’re miserable. Is the traffic ever going to move? Did you mention that you hate your job? You’ve been wanting to change jobs for what? Ten years now, already! You know you could do better. You know you could be happier. It can’t be that hard to find something that you’d enjoy. What in the world are you waiting for!? Kingw88

Why Settle?

Too many of us, me included, settle. We get comfortable with whatever work we are doing. We know everybody. They know us. We know what we can get away with or not get away with. We know who to avoid. We know who to make happy. We don’t have to think about what we’re doing because we’re told every flipping thing to do. Day in and day out. Then we pick up our check, what little is left after deductions of Lord knows what, and rush home to try to pack everything we possibly can into the weekend before it’s Monday again. And guess what? About the time you get to enjoying the weekend, it IS Monday again. Why settle? When it makes you miserable. When it’s not what you really want. When it’s something you actually dread? I just don’t understand. Why settle?

Time For a Change

Well, I decided it was time for a change. There were a lot of things I had done all my life because I was comfortable. I was making it from one day to the next without any trouble. I was getting my paychecks and working my way toward retirement. My father hated his job the last twenty years and had his goals set on one thing. Retirement. That’s what a good man was supposed to do. Work a good hard 40 hours a week for a meager paycheck while the bosses got rich, not cause any problems and retire hopefully in time to enjoy it a little. And he was the happiest man on earth the day he retired and stayed that way until he passed away. But I didn’t want to be like that. I want to enjoy life as it’s happening. Not keep waiting and putting it off until someday. Someday when I retire. Someday when I have time. Someday…

What if that someday never comes? No, it was time for a change.

A New Life

I love helping people. I loved to write in my younger days. I also love the computer. That was actually my minor in college a long, long time ago. (Key punch cards) So, if I loved helping people, writing and loved the computer, why was I working my butt off physically, aging myself way too fast, and not doing something I loved to do? If I could make money doing something I loved to do, why was I not doing it instead of working at something I didn’t like doing. Why are YOU working at something you don’t like doing if you can make the same money doing something you love to do? Now, I know there are those of you out there that do love what you are doing and kudos to you. I applaud you. But those of you that don’t… What – are – you – wait – ing – for?

Life Is Too Short

My wife opened my eyes to the fact that life is too short to just saunter through it like you’re waiting to get to the end. She wants to travel with me and see the world. Try new adventures with me. We want to enjoy life together. Now. Not later. There may not be a later. My wife is much younger than me. If we wait until later, I may not be able to get around by then. I missed a lot of my children’s growing up because of working all the time. I’m not going to miss the rest of their young adult life or the rest of my life because I’m working at a job that I don’t have to be working at.

Not Talking About More Money

So, yes, it was time for a change. For a new life. I decided I would find some kind of work that I could help people and be on the computer, or in my case, laptop and above all, I could do it at home or from anywhere I wanted to work from. And I didn’t need to try to find something that paid me more than what I was making, (though, that’s how it’s going to end up) I just needed to find something that I’d make the same I was used to. Actually, I didn’t care if it was a bit less as long as I could live comfortably. The main pay-off was the freedom to enjoy my life before it passes me by. So, I found it. I have a website that helps others find their niche in life. One that they’ll enjoy and make money at. I’m helping, writing, and making a living with it, along with other websites I’ve developed.

Paying It Forward

One of my favorite commercials, (I actually call them advertisements, but my wife says it shows my age) is the one where someone sees someone helping a person, then, they in turn help someone, then they also help someone and so on. That’s how I feel at my work now. I’ve been helped to get to this point. To be able to write all I want, which was an early passion; to be able to help people find an easier income and work that they love; and I can do it all from my laptop from anywhere I want to be, so, I can travel all I want and work along the way. The folks that helped me achieve this have the same passion of helping. They all were looking for the same thing; to be able to do something they love and make money at it. And they found it. And they paid it forward to me. I want to pay it forward to you.

I Challenge You

So, I challenge each and every one of you. If you don’t absolutely love what you’re doing. Make a change. It’s time for a new life. I know it’s scary. But at the same time it’s exuberating! I feel renewed. I feel like a college kid again (but know what I know now). Think about that! If you hate what you’re doing, there is no reason on earth that you should be doing it. There IS something out there that can make you at least the same money your making now and you would LOVE and have freedom to enjoy life and your family. Make a change. Make a new life. Find your passion. I’ll see you on the beach!